ROPESPEC | Rope Access Work Divison

Cost Efficient Solution

In comparison to other access methods, Rope Access provides cost efficient solution. Thus result from numerous advantages of Rope Access including:

• Work site not obstructed by access system
• Cost and time efficient access to work sites
• Increase safety (safety is our priority and will always come first) or contractors and the public
• Eliminates damages to work area
• Minimum disruption to work activities
• Fast setup and de-rigging of access methods

Typical Work includes Industrial/Mechanical Work

In addition to power plants we also work on variety of Industrial Plants, Steel Mills and Cement Mills where similar work to be performed

No heights is to high

RopeSpec was formed to provide cost and time saving solution to clients who require work to be done in inaccessible heights. We supply Teams or Rope Access Technical Staff that are capable of performing Inspections and Maintenance work.

Ropespec is the new name in the Local Rope Access Industry. RopeSpec is a Black Economic Empowerment Company. RopeSpec is based in Johannesburg Gauteng from where we serve clients nationally.

RopeSpec | Rope Access Work Division

Working at heights is what we do best. Let us assist you at working at new heights.

Quick Business Overview

Operating Values

We will focus upon safety, time and cost efficiency. We ensure the highest levels of quality with regards to our staff, work process and equipment. We still establish and maintain a positive company culture.

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